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Reviews of Greensboro Retirement Center

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Greensboro Retirement Center
Posted by sincere-one April 09, 2014

I am a friend or relative of resident

you can feel the compassion and care in the facility.it has a true family and home feeling

Greensboro Retirement Center
Posted by jksmith77 August 02, 2011

I visited this facility

I have not been to a more deplorable place yet. I am sorry for the people that stay there. Yes, that is harsh but it is the truth. There area that the building is in is probably in the worst part of the city for one and I saw no security whatsoever. That , for me, would be a deal breaker. Every facility should have 24 hour security.

Another issue is that the nearest hospital had to be at least 15 minutes away. If someone had a heart attack, then chances are looking good for the patient. The building did not look all that great and the inside did not smell all that better. Some of the patients looked like they did not even want to be in the building but that is understandable.

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