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Reviews of Sierra Hills Assisted Living Community

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Sierra Hills Assisted Living Community
Posted by PBarnes March 16, 2012

I visited this facility

Sierra Hills has all the basics and in many ways that's the best way to describe it all around. When I visited Sierra Hills with my mother who has been thinking of assisted living for a few years now, she didn't seem terribly impressed and neither was I. They have the basics that you would expect, transportation, regular activities of a few rather canned varieties, somebody cleans your clothing and rooms, and they handle meds, meals in a cafeteria plus snacks. The problem is that nothing jumped out to me as very impressive. The food looked to be excessively bland, for understandable reason of course, but there were no options for something more flavorful for those who would prefer it (though they do provide transport to restaurants.) Apparently they have different plans, with the price going from 1,500 a month all the way to 5,000. The activities struck me as dull, the service seemed apathetic, the food was bland, and the grounds were pleasant but nothing to write home about. Nothing at all jumped out at us, and the idea of spending 4,000 a month for something so dull just didn't appeal to me. That said, there was nothing overtly wrong with them. So it's hard for me to mark them low.

Sierra Hills Assisted Living Community
Posted by erica-1 January 04, 2010

I stayed here

Oh I loved it there and I am moving back there from aspen winds. Sierra Hills is wonderfull. They treat you like a person. Not an animal.

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