The Secret to Peace

Last updated: December 26, 2012

This month, we spotted an insightful post from a member of the community, Becca13 about the secret to a peaceful holiday season and year's end:

"The secret to peace is to bless everything. This is controversial, but it works. Imagine what it would be like in this season of Peace and Joy if we blessed one another. A driver cuts you off and almost causes an accident. What if you blessed one another?

"Bless you!"

"Bless you too!"


Yes, no matter what some blessing bless-head does or says, you can cheerfully smile and tell him to "Go straight to heaven!" (Hey folks, this works. I tried this recently and another driver gave me half a peace sign!)

Here's to a great new year!

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11 months ago

As long as I'm careful about my tone of voice and facial expression, thanking someone this way can be very helpful. If the recipient views it as satire or some other negative comment, it can backfire, of course.

Anonymous said 11 months ago

I don't usually "bless" people, but I am very thankful for all my blessings everyday. I find that a big smile and a sincere "thank you" go a long way to let helpful people know how much I appreciate them . So, here's a big smile and an addutional hug for all your caring. Each day I learn something new and useful to help me become more caring.

over 1 year ago

wonderful! yeah, it sure works for me... thanks!

almost 2 years ago

Thank you staff for sharing this further. Blessings to all in the coming year! ♥

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