Signs of Heart Trouble

Last updated: November 09, 2012
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Though you can't see your heart, you can get some clues to how healthy it is by looking in the mirror. Results from a study that followed 10,000 people for 35 years suggest that adults with visible signs of aging are more likely to develop heart disease and heart attack.

These are the four danger signs, say Danish researchers:

1. Baldness at the crown: That's at the very top of the head. Hair loss may be linked to testosterone in the blood.

2. Receding hairline: Receding hair at the temples was the red flag.

3. Earlobe crease: Other studies have also suggested this.

4. Fatty deposits around the eyelids: Called xanthelasma, or "cholesterol bumps," these yellowish patches are often mistaken for a stye. They're one of the more surprising things your eyes can reveal about your overall health.

Having at least three of these four signs is linked to a 57% increased risk for heart attack and a 39% increased risk for heart disease when other risk factors were accounted for.

In a nutshell, looking old for your age marks poor cardiovascular age, said lead researcher Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen of the University of Copenhagen, presenting at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2012.

Men ages 70 to 79 should be especially wary: 45% of those with all four signs developed heart disease, compared with less than a third of those with no signs. Doctors are being encouraged to look out for this pattern.

Learn other signs of an unhealthy heart.

The "silver" lining: Two incredibly common sights in adulthood, wrinkles and gray hair, were also studied -- but neither of them seems to be linked to heart health.

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over 1 year ago

Often our health issues are strongly related to our belief systems , I have found that unforgiveness is a strong determinant in how we live and the quality of life we live. We all need to forgive ourselves and forgive others who have hurt us , and after you have forgiven watch the quality of your life change for the better.

almost 2 years ago

Now, i know now.!!:-) I took CQ10 enzyme daily and keep sharing the smile :-)

almost 2 years ago

I developed heart disease in 1989. Since that time, I've had two angioplasty and two procedures when stents were inserted. I am losing hair at the crown, but I don't think its attributed to my heart disease but rather to my nerves. I think the circumstances surrounding the sudden and tragic death of my husband in late 2011 is the main cause.

almost 2 years ago

What about purplish lips?

almost 2 years ago

It's always good to learn new things about your health. I really enjoy this site a lot!

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