Glen Campbell, Still on the Line Despite Alzheimer's

Last updated: November 08, 2011

This week's Country Music Association Awards are a reminder that Coach Pat Head Summitt isn't the only one proving that an Alzheimer's disease diagnosis doesn't immediately stop a person from thinking, doing, and maintaining his or her soul. Country-music legend and actor Glen Campbell, 75, who's being honored at the CMA with covers by Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, and Keith Urban has been accomplishing the same thing on a thumbs-up tour and new album, despite his own announcement in August that he, too, has Alzheimer's.

In case you've wondered how that's going, don't miss this clip of Campbell singing "Wichita Lineman" to Ellen Degeneres on her TV talk show recently. Especially don't miss the last line.

Just a reminder that not all the Alzheimer's news out there is downbeat.

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almost 3 years ago

I am struggling with acceptance, my darling husband was diagnosed 4 years ago at age 59. He has no other health problems, he still looks the same physically. However his short term memory is tanking, he can't hold onto a thought for more than a minute or two. I look at him and he looks so healthy, it's difficult to accept this disease. He is happy and comfortable, I am the one that is having the "PROBLEM" We are too young to have this happen, we were supposed to retire and travel and enjoy life.........well I feel we have been cheated in our future.

almost 3 years ago

I contend that acceptance, moving on & not allowing any diagnosis to manipulate or dictate your life is great therapy and works wonders at slowing the process. Maintaining good humor and continuing to "LIVE" is key. Maybe Mr. Campbell can get with Tim McGraw and re-do "Live Like You Were Dying" --- "Live Like You Won't Remember..." or something like that.

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