"Magic" Stoves, Sinks, and Other Inventive Elder care Helpers

Last updated: April 25, 2008
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Would it help your peace of mind if your forgetful parent had a stove that prevented pots from boiling over? Or a faucet that automatically shuts off when the sink or tub are full? In the world of home appliances and fixtures, the future is now.

Today's Wall Street Journal offers a roundup of handy new products that address the memory slips, vision problems, and motor-skill issues common to aging. A motion-sensor lighting-control system that illuminates the way to the bathroom when you get out of bed! Dishwasher drawers that can be emptied without bending over. A microwave whose controls have a large, easy-to-read font! Many innovations were shown at the recent annual National Kitchen and Bath Industry Show and are available now, or being introduced soon.

These ideas -- along with some we’ve mentioned before -- can help our aging parents stay in their homes longer. And they might do the same for the rest of us someday. It makes me wonder: What other innovative products (or just wishful-thinking ideas) could make life easier for older bodies?

Image by Flickr user SqueakyMarmot, used under the Creative Commons attribution license.

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over 1 year ago

I need something that will prevent mom from turning on the stove at all when no one is at home. I"ve tried those safety knobs but a two year old can figure these this out. She just pulled the whole thing off and turned on the gas. Please I need help.

over 6 years ago

Those are some great innovations. I know that my parents have a very difficult time bending down and would use one of the dishwashers in a heart beat. My mother in law is 97 and still cooks. Sometimes she dozes while cooking and the stove would help us feel more safe with her doing those things she loves to do.

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