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  1. Is vaginal bleeding common after uterine cancer treatment?

    Unexpected vaginal bleeding is a concern for a woman at any stage of life.
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  2. Can I get pregnant after being diagnosed with uterine...

    Are you suffering from UROLOGICAL PROBLEM? Millions of women in our country suffer from urinary incontinence in silence because they are not aware of the availability of treatment by a specialist dedicated to treat this problem. Many of these women don't like to consult a male urologist as they feel...
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  3. What is the life expectancy for someone with stage 4 uterine...

    Uterine cancer is the rapid growth of cancerous cells in parts of the uterus and stage 4 is the most advanced stage of uterine cancer. In stage-4 of uterine cancer cancer cells make their presence in the bladder, rectum, bowel and other parts adjoining the pelvis. Though the cure of cancer greatly ...
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  4. Can you die from uterine cancer?

    I've wondered if you can die from uterine cancer, too, and the answer is it's possible, yes, but it depends on how quickly you discover and diagnose it. I read that uterine cancer is one of the cancers most commonly diagnosed early and most commonly eradicated once it's been diagnosed. Often, even i...
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