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  1. How to get stubborn grandfather the care he needs?

    My family lives in Texas. My father has been desperately trying to gently get my grandfather to see a doctor, and consolidate his existing rental properties that he can no longer care for. Judging by the appointment cards on his fridge (and other places) he has not been to a doctor in quite a few ye...
  2. How can I continue being around negative people without it making me batty?

    My mother is so negative that it's affecting my mental health. I've been her caregiver for a year now and stay with her at her home most of the time. I didn't apply for this job. She had a stroke a year ago, I'm the only daughter, so I quit my job to care for her. I hear constant negative remarks...
  3. The bathroom is a mess after my Grandma uses it. Advice needed!

    Hi. This is the first time I have joined a "forum" of any sort and hope it will help me out.
  4. What could cause my husbands granny to see and hear mice that arent there?

    My husbands granny started having mice in her house so we put traps out and prob caught 11. Well we pretty much got them under control but now for the past couple days she says she hears them at night and sees them running back and forth. She says she hears the babies crying so we spent the night to...
  5. Accused of stealing

    Wow, there's so many similarities in all your stories! I had made some poor choices years ago and surrendered my life to God. Life was very good. Helping my parents on the weekends with cleaning, cooking or whatever they needed, and always showering them with gifts. My dad love Irish Cream and I mad...
  6. What are my options for help

    My mothers husband of 10 yrs has start of dementia. He has angry outbursts, concerned for mothers safety. She is lonely, wont get him committed. I moved to another state because of climate in her state
  7. taking over my father's finances.

    My father's only financial resouces is his social security. He is involved in some kind of scam where he hands over his social security money to some people he believes he can trust and know with the promise that he will receive a big payoff in the end. Due to this my father has no money left a fe...
  8. Inconsistent symptoms - could a senior be faking it?

    Hi, I have a question about my grandmother. Lately she has been exhibiting some strange behavior, and the family has been having hard time figuring out if she is showing dementia symptoms or is simply acting/ faking it, perhaps to get attention. For some years now, she has been pretty paranoid, but ...
  9. How to handle "I want to go home"?

    My husband insists he "wants to go home" when we are at home and there is no other place to go. I can't get him to think about anything else. What should I do?
  10. What to do when language is a problem?

    My mother is an educated woman 90 years old living the same in a local ALF for the last 51/2 years. Her language ability is reversing to her native language and has become a problem communicating including with the nursing staff. Do assistant living facilities provide support in this situation?
  11. How can I prove I am not stealing from my mother?

    My mother has what I believe is undiagnosed dementia. Her memory, recall, concentration, inability to follow what is going on and inability to backtrack have been getting progressively worse over the last 3 or so years, but it reached breaking point last year when, out of the blue, my mother accused...
  12. Can chemotherapy have long term mood patterns?

    Several years ago my wife had extensive chemo and radiation therapy. I met her the following summe. From the beginning I noticed that her usually pleasant and loving personality was interrupted frequently by periods of irritability, suspiciousness and unforgiveness of others who had offended her y...
  13. Onset of unusual behaviors from godmother who is 102 years old and defiant.

    My godmother Madiene is 102 years old and lives with her sister Eileen who is 94 years old. They live in a house they have been in for over 40 years in an deterioting neighborhood and have refused to move until they are carried out feet first. Madiene while quite elderly has been in good health un...
  14. Any Suggestion for Securing Furnace Thermostat to Avoid Mom From Tampering With It?

    My 87 year old Mom, who lives alone was pushing the buttons on furnace thermostat, without regard to level. We had found the room temp at 90 degrees. Feeling this was excessive, installed a "secured" cover and set the temp at 81 degrees, which Mom said she found comfortable. She was not happy with t...
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