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  1. How long does it take for endometrial cancer to advance to stage 3 or 4 ?

    I was diagnosed a week ago with endometrial cancer after having a D & C due to very heavy menstral bleeding for 5 weeks with big clots, one being 5" across. About five years ago during a similar period I passed something about 2" long in the shape of a Y that appeared to be more like skin and it had...
  2. My Aunt has renal kidney caner and i think she is in her final stage

    My Aunt was diag 2 years ago. What can I expect in the final days with end-stage renal cancer? I see my Aunt 3 x's a week and everytime i see her shoe looks worse, My God she is in so much back pain, She can't eat anymore, not even drink. cannot move her bowels. The BACK pain is horrible. All i...
  3. I am 20 years old and was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I have no job. Help?

    20 yrs old. Diagnosed with cervical cancer a week ago at a public hospital. I have no job so they told me to go to my local health department for "better equipment". It is the size of my fist. I don't know what to do.
  4. Why are there no dates on questions & answers?

    These could be 10 year old problems, and our replies could be irrelevant. Most sites have date / time & let people reply to anyone.
  5. itching

    This is my second treatment of EPOCH and my scalp itches like crazy. I already cut a lot of my hair. Do u recommend me shaving it totally off or leave a little bc of risk of infections? Don't get discouraged God will get u through. This is just a process that we go through to help someone else get t...
  6. is it possible to have stage 4 cancer and it goes into remission

    Is it anyway possible to have an unknown stage 4 cancer and you are later told that your stage 4 cancer has gone into remission!
  7. How do you know when to drop everything and go?

    My sister has lung cancer(in a non-smoker) with metastasis to many organs and bone. Chemo wasn't working and today hospice came to her home for their initial enrollment visit. I live 1200 miles away and I am scheduled to visit her in 5 weeks. I have made a point to see her as much as I could since h...
  8. Does radioembolization have any benefit in regards to ascites?

    Hi everyone. My mother is 73-year old with hepatocellular carcinoma and portal vein thrombosis. She is really suffering from ascites and we think of radioembolization to shrink the tumor and reduce ascites. Will radioembolization help with ascites? She is on aldactone and lasix for ascites but with ...
  9. Can chemo affect your voice?

    My dad is going through chemo and about three weeks ago he lost his voice. The Ear, Nose & Throat specialist said everything looks great. What can be causing this and is there anything we can do to help him get his voice back? He is very aggravated.
  10. Does the burning go away :(

    I have chemo done the 1st of May and the Iv slipped out and started to pump under my skin and when the nurse realized and took it out it was swollen and it wasn't so uncomfortable at first but now it's traveled from my lower arm inside to my fingers now I can barley pick anything up and as well I'm ...
  11. After 3 blood transfusions in 3 days, why does the hemoglobin drop so much?

    My sister has Colorectal Cancer and is continuing to put up a heck of a fight. About a week ago she was put in the hospital and has had 3 blood transfusions in the last 3 days. Her hemoglobin levels drop too low. She has one kidney that is severely failing and has a tube from her kidney that drai...
  12. Should an 86-year-old woman receive radiation and chemo?

    Our mother is 86 years old in June 2014. She has been recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the right lower lobe of the lung. We are concerned because she also has atrial fibrillation, and the doctors are suggesting radiation and chemo. Lord knows, I am against this because of her age and oth...
  13. How will stroke affect my father's chemo?

    My father (68) was very recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It was diagnosed based on imaging, but the subsequent biopsy was "inconclusive" although there are a couple of different versions about what that meant. My father seemed to think it could be colon cancer instead of pancreatic with ...
  14. congestive heart failure and 87 but excellent health- can he have chemo?

    87 father...congestive heart failure and bi-polar...small cancer in 4 places= lung, liver, groin and anus....can he still get who himself is 95 says he is dying and should only be sent to palliative timeline given nor stage of cancer....seems like crap to me...what to do?
  15. My voice changed

    I am a professional singer, I had chemotherapy a while back and now I can't reach those high notes anymore and can't sing as well as before, could it be the chemotherapy that affected my voice?
  16. My aunt was taken off chemotherapy due to strokes are there other options?

    She has pancreatic cancer and the doctor said chemo would be the best choice, a month into the therapy she had a stroke, now she been given 6 months to live could there be something to be done about the strokes to continue the chemotherapy.
  17. Chemo stopped working

    My mom stopped 3 weeks ago chemo after finishing her 2 cycles and CT scan shows cancer spread to lymph nodes and more in liver. She was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer six months ago and it seems her cancer is really a bad one and it is spreading very fast . My question does anyone know the p...
  18. should someone with CLL slow down his activities so he doesn't become over tired

    We live on a farm and my father in law has been diagnosed with CLL. He stays tired all the time and we were wondering if he slowed down his activities(not giving them up completely) if that would help with keeping this disease from progressing quicker.
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