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Other physical issues after coronary bypass surgery

Coronary Bypass Recovery: What to Expect: Page 3

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A "clicking" noise or sensation in the chest

What you can expect: A patient may be able to hear or feel the two halves of his separated breastbone "clicking" or "popping." Although not uncommon in the first days after surgery, this sound or sensation should disappear once the breastbone heals.

What you can do: Check in with him to make sure the clicking is going away. Call the doctor if it's not gone within a couple of weeks or if it gets worse.

Discomfort and a lump at the top of the chest incision

What you can expect: As part of the healing process, a lump may develop at the top of the incision. This is a seroma, a pocket of fluid that sometimes forms after surgery or traumatic injury. Typically, the lump will disappear in about six weeks, although it may take as long as several months.

What you can do: A lump and some discomfort are normal, but notify the doctor if there's iincreased tenderness, redness, or swelling, drainage from the incision, or a persistent fever.