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How much does Part B pay?

Medicare Part B: Page 7

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For each type of Medicare-covered care, Medicare approves only a specific amount, called an approved charge, of which Part B may pay all or only a portion, depending on the type of service.

  • Doctor visits: 80 percent of bills.
  • Laboratory costs: 100 percent of laboratory, X-ray, and other diagnostic charges.
  • Home healthcare: 100 percent of agency charges; 80 percent for medical equipment from the agency.
  • Outpatient therapy: The amount Part B pays for physical, speech, or occupational therapy depends on where a participant receives it. If it's given at home, as part of Medicare-approved home healthcare, Part B pays 100 percent; at a hospital outpatient department, 100 percent; at a doctor's or therapist's office, 80 percent.
  • Ambulance: 80 percent.
  • Flu and pneumonia vaccination: 100 percent.
  • Outpatient mental healthcare: 50 percent, regardless of who provides it.