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How to apply for veterans benefits

Veterans Benefits: Financial Help for Veterans and Their Survivors: Page 3

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How to help a veteran apply for veterans benefits. There are several ways to get further information about, and to apply for, veterans benefits. First, there's a general toll-free phone service, at 800-827-1000. Advisers can answer questions and direct you to a nearby V.A. benefits office, as well as start a benefits application for the veteran.

You can also get more information about specific veterans benefits by going to the V.A.'s website.

You can help a veteran apply for some benefits directly online at the V.A. website's online application page. Or you and the veteran you're caring for can make an appointment to talk to a V.A. benefits counselor in person at a local V.A. benefits office. To find a veterans benefits office near you, go the V.A. website's office locator page.